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Omnia Global Corp is establishing and managing supply chains providing commodity trading solutions to partners, both suppliers and buyers across the globe. Managed by a dedicated team of dynamic and experienced professionals, Omnia Global Corp has a presence in many countries around the globe through its own offices, representatives and agents.


Omnia Global Corp specializes in and provides support in global sourcing, supplying, handling logistics, operations and customs aspects of international trade. Omnia Global Corp aims to establish a bridge between manufacturers and buyers internationally. We merchandise and trade a large variety of products; from fertilizers (Urea), Animal Feed, Rice, Refined Vegetable Oil, Crude Vegetable Oil to textile products such as Raw Cotton, Hosiery Clips, Ginning Motes and Comber Noil.


Omnia Global Corp is acknowledged as a solid and reliable partner across various segments of the international market. We emphasise timely execution of contracts and fulfilling our commitments ensuring that both suppliers and buyers interests are safeguarded.


Omnia Global Corp is determined to continue in developing long term relations between manufacturers and buyers around the globe to fulfil expectations of both parties at highest level.



Omnia Global Corp strives to be a leading global organization in international trade by procuring and delivering products, services and solutions of the highest quality to its customers and suppliers.



Our mission is to establish a profitable environment for our customers and suppliers, by pursuing sustainable growth and profit opportunities that leverage on its trading expertise, logistics network, information management and financial strengths while fulfilling requirements offering a reliable, prompt and trustworthy performance.



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